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July 17, 2011

CAL - Crochet-a-long - Mesh Raglan Pullover - I started!

Well, I got off to a bit of a rocky start. :)  I am *so* new to crochet - I've only made one terrible dishcloth and 2 pairs of slippers (one of which was probably full of mistakes like the dishcloth).

In all those projects, new stitches were always made using the holes created by the previous rows of stitches.

So that's how I thought this pattern was.  Wrong!

I wasn't getting the pretty open square pattern that attracted me to this Mesh Raglan pullover in the first place!

So I visited the blog and read everyone's comments (some are already working on the sleeves!!) and then visited Ravelry and read everyone's comments there.
And I discovered that I shouldn't be creating my new stitches using the hole created by the previous stitch.  Instead, I should go through the stitches at the top of the "column" created by my "dc" stitch.

I also discovered I did the corner stitches wrong and didn't have enough stitches at the end of 3 rows.

So I frogged back to the base stitches and started again.

I've completed 3 rows now (and they're not error-free but I hope they'll be ok).

Next post I'll have photos!

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