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August 13, 2013

Teams on Tuesday - Etsyknitters - Sarandipity Handmade

Teams on Tuesday - Etsyknitters - Sarandipity Handmade

What is your shop name?
Sarandipity Handmade - SarandipityHandmade.etsy.com – I make handspun yarns, blankets for babies through adults, baby bibs, hats, scarves, mittens, socks and more!

What is your blog name?

What inspired you to start this blog?
I started my first blog years ago when I wanted a place to keep a diary of sorts and share pictures of my kids (and now my yarn & projects). Now I use it mostly for big updates, like visiting the Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck or my trip in June to Colorado to the Estes Park Wool Market, which will be up, hopefully, soon. I also use my blog to post about my food allergies as well as my kids and of course yarn activities.

When did you learn to knit?
I first learned to crochet when I was young. My mom taught me. I didn’t do much with it until after my oldest son was born in 2005. I made some hats, scarves a couple baby sweaters and a few toys. It was shortly after that that my husband expressed interest in a fisherman knit type sweater. At the time, I couldn’t see spending over $100 for a sweater and thought I could crochet one just as easily. After 3 failed attempts I decided the only way he was going to get his sweater would be if I learned to knit. That was in late 2009. I’ve been a knitting fiend ever since…and yes, my husband did, finally, get his sweater, thought it wasn’t a true fisherman knit sweater. He still wears it to family get-togethers in the winter holidays, which makes me incredibly happy! Recently I added spinning to my list of fiber hobbies, I love this as much as knitting!

Who taught you to knit?
I pretty much learned to knit from one of those teach yourself to knit book, watching videos on You Tube and a little help when I got super stuck from my friend Rose, who is an awesome fiber artist!

What or who inspires your projects?
I guess it depends on the project as to where I get my inspiration. Sometimes I’ll just see a yarn and know the right project for it. Sometimes I’ll incorporate things from favorite tv shows or what I know about the recipient.

What is your favourite thing to knit?
Right now I love to knit socks. I love that they are portable and simple. I mostly make plain vanilla socks with a short row heel and let the yarn colors do all the work to make some colorful, toasty feet!

Are there yarns/wools you love?
I’m very tactile so I love to touch things. I’m in love with 15.5 micron merino wool that I can spin into yarn. It’s so soft and amazing. I want to get some more of this wool to spin and list for sale in my shop. I also think I want to make a scarf or something to wear next to the skin from it for this winter in upstate NY.

Are there yarns/wools you don't like to work with?
Anything scratchy or soy based. What would you like to say about your creations? Everything I make I make with love. I love the craft I do and want other to feel that love in the items I create, be it a simple sewn blanket, pair of baby socks or a huge twin size, crocheted hexagon blanket.

What other fiber arts do you enjoy?
In addition to knitting, I crochet and spin yarn, as well as sew fleece tag baby blankets. Is there another fiber art you'd like to learn? I think the next fiber art I’m going to learn is fiber preparation before spinning. I recently ordered a set of hand carders and some Shetland wool and plan to learn the step by step process of going from fleece to yarn.

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  1. Love reading these interviews. I checked out everyone's shop. Thanks for sharing these great artists.