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November 08, 2015

Get Connected Again - Widen Your Experience with Wide Games

Get Connected Again
(Held Sat.Nov.7 in Tillsonburg)

What a great day!!!

Session 2: Widen Your Experience with Wide Games
Wide Games are planned activities which give the girls practice in skills like tracking, coding, crafting, cooking etc. These games are usually outdoors and in the context of a story or series of linked activities. The term "wide" can be interpreted as wide in space, or wide as in requiring the participants to widen their experience. Wide games can take as little time as you want, or a whole weekend. All it takes is IMAGINATION.

This is a very brief overview of each activity and I cannot remember in full detail each instruction. 
PLEASE feel free to leave a comment if you have more information and I'll update this post. 
Thank you!

1. Night Eyes - Making a Craft

Set up Night Eyes - in your meeting place, at camp, or anywhere!
Next to each Night Eyes, post a clue or phrase.
Each clue/phrase will be paired with 1 or 2 items needed for the craft.
In our case, we received 2 beads with each clue/phrase, and 1 chenille = 5 Night Eyes.
Set up a main station where Guiders hand out craft supplies.
As the girls find each set of Night Eyes, they need to return with the clue/phrase and use it to receive 1 or 2 items needed for their craft.
Then they put together the craft.

There was more discussion of how Night Eyes can be used for a great variety of crafts, activities, etc. I do have the handout but it's downstairs and I'm upstairs and I want to get this posted, so I'll add them later!  :)

2. Countries
Split the girls into groups.
(oh yes, lots of great ideas of how to split the girls into groups! I'll try to remember to add a post about that too!)
Each group needs to decide on a country, a mode of transportation in that country, and a fact about that country.
Give each group paper and markers to draw their mode of transportation.
Give each group a card and markers to write the name of their country and the fact.
Now the fun begins!
Set up as pictured above.
Put the country/fact cards across the room from the picture (so they are in line).
Oh, no mode of transportation can be duplicated.  :(
Each group stands in their section to start.
They pick up their paper and, pretending to be that transportation, they go to the country card and read it.
Then they return back.
This is why you set up the country cards in line...you don't want the girls criss-crossing the floor.
Now they choose another transportation and pretend to be it, and go to the country and read the fact.

3. Guiding Facts Game

Set up the floor similar to above.
Roll dice.
One girl moves # of spaces.
Other girls ask her a question.
If she gets it right, she stays. If she is incorrect, she goes back to start.
We had 2 women play this so I'm not sure how many you could have in the game at a time. 
Girls can make it hard or easy depending on what questions they ask each other.
Great learning about Guiding for both those asking and answering the questions.

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