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August 05, 2016

Feature Friday - Handmade Loom Hooks!

Feature Friday - Handmade Loom Hooks!

Do your plastic loom hooks break?

Try a handmade bamboo handle loom hook!

Is your loom hook uncomfortable?

Try a handmade bamboo handle loom hook!

We make these loom hooks with bamboo grown in our own garden.

(If you're looking for a corking set aka a Knitting Nancy seen in the above photo, click here)

The shaft for the metal hook goes the full length of the loom hook so the handle won't break off in the middle of a project.

Handles currently come in 3 sizes:
Small - 5 mm
Regular - 7 mm
Large - 9 mm

And the bamboo in the garden right now looks like we'll have some even larger handles for those who are looking for that.

Here is just one of the many feedback we've received!

 Thanks so much to our happy customers!

Click Here to purchase.

For lots more handmade items, please visit my Etsy shop ~ ennadoolf.

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Shop Handmade.

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