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January 14, 2017

Saturday Spotlight: Peanut Parade

Saturday Spotlight

Peanut Parade

1. What is the name of your shop or business and what do you sell?

My shop is Peanut Parade.  
I am the creator behind "You Adulted Today!" Adulting Reward Stickers and various other sarcastic products.

2. Where are you located? or where do you sell?

I design out of my home.  I sell at The Been Garden, LoveLeighBoutique, Ohtera in St. Thomas, Local and Lovely in Mount Brydges and Blooms and Rooms in Seaforth. 
I'm also in several boutiques across the USA, and my online store as well.

3. Do you have your own website/store or online link?

4. How long have you been doing your craft/art and how did you get started?

I've been making crafty stuff forever. Peanut Parade has been around since 2009, but I just started making my 'You Adulted Today!' line in February of 2016. I originally made 6 stickers for a friend who was recovering from surgery and when I put them on FB, they went viral. Within a month, I had hundreds of orders for stickers that I shipped around the world. Since February I've shipped nearly 4000 orders worldwide.

5. Who or what inspires you to create?

Whenever I hear or read or think something sarcastic, I usually think, that would be good on a mug, or a magnet or a sticker. And then I go from there. I seem to have gathered this tribe of fellow smartasses, whether online or in real life, that always keep me writing more sarcastic quips and it definitely helps. 

6. Do you listen to music when you work, and if so what kind?

I'm all over the place. I know, shocking. Lol Country, top 40, Canadian music, etc. 
Whatever my brain feels like that day. 

7. What do you like least/most about your craft?

Least - that I don't have enough time to do it. 
Most - that I get to make all the smartass stuff that I would buy for myself.  

8. Describe your workspace?

I have a studio with all my stuff laid out in tables. 
I need a lot of room to spread out.  Lol

9. What is one of your best moments as a crafter/artist?

I'm living it right now. 
I tried so many different product ideas before this one and none of them caught on, which was disheartening. The fact that my idea is something that makes people laugh and they really like is just amazing. And the people that love my stuff are all just as sarcastic as me, which makes it even more fun.  Who knew I could turn being a smartass into a job? 

10. What advice would you give to anyone thinking about starting their own craft business?

Find the thing you love or that you would buy for yourself and run with that. 
Trying to make something you're not totally passionate about never works. 

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