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March 16, 2017

Pattern Review: The Tohoku Tote

Pattern Review

The Tohoku Tote

I've had this tote pinned on Pinterest for quite some time. 
And this past January I made it!

Here is my first one.

I was SO PLEASED with how it turned out that I made 17 more!!

I had lots of this lovely tropical fabric!!
I did underestimate how much coordinating fabric I'd need but I managed.
The photos do not show the true colours and they coordinate much better than they appear.

Now, for the review.

The pattern instructions are very well written.
The pattern pieces were right on.
It was easy to follow along.
She states "I have tried to be extremely thorough in this tutorial for those of you who are new to sewing. If you are a pro, then you'll be able to skip some of it."
And although I sew a lot, I'd recommend everyone read through the entire instructions at least once.

Click here for the Tohoku Tote tutorial.

I did line my bags but I chose not to use interfacing at all. 
My bags did not need to have the structure and I am pleased with how they turned out.

I did make adjustments to how I attached the bow to the bag.
That is probably the only change I made to the instructions.
For my bows, I inserted the pieces into the small loop.
Then I sewed them into place.

Also, on some of my bags, I replaced the bow with other decorative accents.

I highly recommend this pattern for anyone looking for their next tote bag project!

Pockets. Check!
Handles. Check!
Magnet Closures. Check!

Here are my completed bags.

They were all given away as gifts.

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