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July 25, 2009

Free Pattern - Patons Canadiana Slippers

Back on May 30th, I promised that if I could find the classic vintage slippers pattern I've always used, that I would post it here.

Well I found it.
And I scanned it.
And now I'm posting it!

Everyone has their favourite patterns.

For me, they are patterns from back in the 60s and 70s - free patterns by Patons for Canadiana yarn. I think I knit this slipper pattern exclusively for years! I didn't knit anything else. Just slippers.

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And if you want me to make you slippers, contact me!


  1. Thank you very much - this was the one I had lost and was looking for for months now! (it IS 'somewhere' still folded into a little square as it was when sent to me by a friend in a letter)

    I once had a favorite pair of slippers made by this same friend's Aunt - and THIS is the exact pattern she used.

    If you have made these yourself I would love to ask you about them (these are my first slippers - I have started them already tonight and have the triangle part done - but after that the instructions are throwing me a bit...)

    It seems to me that all pieces are worked on the same needle after the triangle is done and then all is bound off at once and then somehow folded around to form the slipper shape? (yes - I am new to knitting this sort of thing *blush*)

    If you can offer advice I would very much appreciate it :)

    Thanks again for posting this!

    Be well,

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  3. omg! i have the same pattern....just photocopied from eons ago when my mom gave me the original photocopy from when she was a lot younger

  4. My heart just went pitter-pat, pitter-pat when I saw the pictured slippers, Anne!

    For the past few years I've had to Search online for a slipper pattern then guess if it was close to this pattern and decide if the variations allowed it to remain the one and only true knitted slipper pattern.

    Bless you,

  5. I'm glad I had it for you! :) I lost mine for years and when I found it, I made copies so I'd never lose it again! So now its here and hopefully we'll have it forever. :)

  6. Thanks so much! I have the same pattern squirreled away somewhere ... somewhere safe, I'm sure ... :)

  7. Well aren't you a knitting angel! I am very lucky to have found this through a friend! Thanks so much for sharing! Happy St. Pat's Day! :D

  8. have been looking for slipper patterns as well and tried a couple that I did not seem to get right I was thinking of this pattern and found it tonight. Going to give it a go I as well have knit it years ago Thanks

  9. Thanks for posting. My sister lost this pattern and it was a pattern she loved.

  10. Thank you for this! My sister loves this pattern.

  11. Do you have any easy pattern for a scarf and mittens?

    1. Hi JoanneC - here is a great pattern for mittens. http://r-anne-dom.blogspot.ca/2009/05/free-pattern-patons-canadiana-mitts.html