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August 08, 2010

Book Review - Organizing from the Inside Out

Organizing from the Inside Out

By Julie Morgenstern

This book was recommended by someone who said it was especially good for creative types. I immediately searched my local library online and reserved a copy!  I dove in when I got home, then had to set the book aside to work on some knitting and sewing.  How appropriate, eh.

I can say that it really was helpful!

Useful ways to help me organize myself and my stuff.  I have given lots of thought to where things belong and am going through the process of deciding where things should be. I'm not quite ready to actually dive in and rearrange everything yet - that will come. What I've learned and think this is the most important point for me: don't rush it.  Plan it out. Decide what works best for you.
It's good to read to find solutions to my organization issues as well as learning new ways to be more organized.

Definitely a helpful book ~ check it out from your local library soon!

And if you need bookmarks to keep track of the hints, tips or suggestions, be sure to check out the bookmarks I've added to my shop ennadoolf on etsy.

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