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August 16, 2010

Monday Memories - 35 mm Cameras

I thought I'd add Monday Memories to my blog! I hope you enjoy them ~ and feel free to leave a comment with your favourite memory!

First:  35 mm Cameras

I thought I'd start with this because I met a young lady of about 12 this summer who was using one!

She was in the dining shelter at Guiding Mosaic 2010 (an international Girl Guide camp) and as I glanced over, I noticed she had the back of the camera wide open.  I immediately realized it was a 35 mm point and shoot camera and I have to admit that with all the technology and gadgets that were at that camp I never thought I'd see a 35 mm camera.

Assuming she was having trouble loading it, I headed over to help. 
That's when I saw it:
   the film. 
In the camera. 
oh no.

Quickly we closed it and I explained how she must never open it unless the film is inside its container.  She said she'd come to the end of the film and didn't know how to get it out.  Now I assume all this was explained to her before she left home, but too much information at once maybe?  So I showed her how to press the little button and rewind the film.  And how suddenly its so easy to wind because it's done.

Luckily it was dark in the dining shelter so I said it was okay to peek to be sure the film was back in the canister. We marked it with a sharpie so she'd know it was the first roll.  Then I explained how her photos might be gone. How the light would hit the film, even the rolled up part and that it possibly ruined her pictures. She was okay with it - she has more film.

I used a Minolta X7A for years and have embraced digital technology. I was glad that I was able to help the camper ~ I'm just not sure how many people would have known how to rewind that film?

I never did get her name and wonder how her photos turned out?

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