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August 23, 2010

Monday Memories - Earliest Memory

What is your earliest memory?

And can you validate that it's truly a memory and not something from books you've read, movies you've seen or other people's experiences?

My earliest memory must have been traumatic because I *do* remember it! And my brother, who has been documenting our family tree and former residences and such, can validate that we did used to live on a farm with a driveway that had a small not-quite-a-creek crossing it that was dry most of the year but would probably make a mud hole each spring.

And that is the set up for my memory:

We're in the car, probably coming home from church.  Because I'm in a pretty dress and I have Brand New Shoes on!  I doubt that we were able to receive Brand New Shoes very often.  But the car got stuck in the mud.  My mom carried my baby sister who'd be about 2-3 months old.  My dad carried my toddler sister who would be about 15-16 months old.  That meant ... you guessed it.  I had to get out of the car and Step In The Mud with my Brand New Shoes. 

And I would have been just over 2  1/2 years old so that's a pretty early memory.

And you can see how that could be traumatizing?


I'm sure my older brothers were just fine traipsing through the mud!  Funny how I do not revere shoes now! I am not a shoe-aholic at all. I guess that incident cured me of ever having that issue eh!

What is your earliest memory?

1 comment:

  1. Getting your new shoes all muddy WOULD be traumatic to a little girl who enjoyed being all dressed up with 'new' shoes!

    One of my earliest memories is living at my grandmother's house during WWII when all the 'men' in the family were off to war. My brother (age 2) and I slept in the big bedroom upstairs that was like a dormitory room - stretched nearly across the entire front of the house (sized about two bedrooms in length) which was originally built for my mom's 3 brothers to share. My brother and I each had a little 'cot' in one corner, and there were 3 or 4 other beds in the room, (two of my 'uncles' were pre-teen age then) so we all slept 'dormitory' style to fit everyone in. I was about 3 years old then! You've brought back some interesting 'memories' :o).