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March 06, 2011

My First Official Crochet Project

 My first official crochet project!

This is my first “real” project after learning to crochet a few weeks ago.

Since I need to make 2, I thought I’d work on both at the same time just to make sure they turn out the same.

I am using the recommended hook size and some yarn from my stash that is just a worsted weight or so. I wanted to see the size I would make with these since my gauge is not very good, etc.

For my first project, it’s not too bad. I know it is full of mistakes but I just kept going as I’m not good enough yet to recognize errors or fix them. I did not use a contrasting colour for the loop to minimize anyone noticing the errors. :) hehe

For the next pair I will go to a smaller hook and/or a lighter weight of yarn to make the smaller pair that I was asked to make.

I really enjoyed this pattern and have switched to a smaller hook - 4.5 mm - and a smaller yarn and have started the next pair ... one at a time this time!

Visit me on Ravelry to watch my progress.

I may also post updates on my facebook page.


  1. Yours are so good I am going to make my own. Thanks for posting the link for the pattern.