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March 09, 2016

Finally finished!

Finally Finished!

My first crochet afghan.

I started it in January 2012.

I made a few squares, then set it aside.

It looked very 70s with the rust, orange and brown!

It became a WIP - a Work In Progress.
Then it became a "Zzz" - a hibernating project.
And it hibernated for years.
And then came 2016!
And I was determined to finish this afghan!

I love how adding the two greens and the peach changed the whole dynamic of the colours!
Not so much the 70s anymore.

When I started the afghan I had just learned to crochet. So I found it very slow going to make each square. While the afghan was hibernating, I made quite a few pairs of crochet slippers. I had confidence in my crochet skills!
And I have to admit, sewing together all those squares? Not so fun. But not so bad either.

And here it is!
I even added a fringe!

While I was making these squares, 
I worried that I would not like the finished afghan, 
but I DO like it!



  1. I loved this one and like to see your projects that you do. I used to be a quilter. I really enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your project pictures. I followed your blog also.

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  3. Thanks so much Nora! So lovely of you to let me know. I am following your blog too.