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March 07, 2016

Tutorial: Plastic Canvas Bookworm SWAP

Tutorial: Plastic Canvas Bookworm SWAP

I received this bendable plastic canvas bookworm swap years and years ago. 

And I always wanted to make another one and make a tutorial about it!

So, finally, here it is!

First, gather your supplies, as shown.

Next, begin with the largest piece, and start filling it in with yarn.

See how you hold the "tail" in place at the back of the work? 
So your stitches will hold it in place and hide it at the back of the work.

Fill in the entire large piece.

Now you need to bring your yarn to where you'll be adding the smaller pieces.
I brought the yarn around the outside and into a central hole.

And then down another so I was in the 3rd hole from the corner/point. 

With your yarn at the BACK, bring it through the corner hole of one of the little pieces, and then up to the front of the big piece.

And now back down through the big piece AND the 2nd hole of the little piece behind.

Your yarn is now at the back.

With the next little piece, bring your yarn through it's corner hole AND the 3rd hole of the little piece you already added.

Now, back down the last corner hole of the first little piece.
And through the 2nd hole of the 2nd little piece.

Add a 3rd little piece, bringing the yarn UP through it's corner hole, and the 3rd hole of the 2nd little piece. 
See how this is going?

Continue like this for as many pieces as you have - or as long as you'd like your bookworm to be!

When I got to the end, I had some yarn left over.

I cut an 8 inch section off the end.
I cut that 8 inch piece in  half to get 2 strings 4 inches long.
I added them to the last plastic canvas square - one into each hole beside the corner hole.
I just used a simple knot as pictured.

Then I just took the remaining yarn on the needle and I wrapped it around the lot, and stitched through the holes a bit until I liked how it looked.

Ta Da!!
She's done!

hehe, oops! 
I missed one of the small pieces!

Have fun!

This is the swap I'll be bringing to a SWAPS trading event in March 2016 with other Girl Guide leaders from Ontario Canada.

Plastic Canvas Bendable Bookworm Bookmark SWAP.

If you received one of my SWAPS, I hope this tuturial helps you!

And I hope you make your SWAP in a shorter time frame than it took me!

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